The Roger Federer GOAT Debate: A Little Perspective


Published: February 12, 2010

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Ever since Federer won the French and his 15th GS title, the debate over whether he is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) has been resolved for most tennis commentators. However, there are still a few for whom the debate is not resolved, either claiming that there is no such thing as a GOAT or that Federer is not the GOAT because there have been better players. Of course, they got a right to their opinion.

However, some of those that fall in the latter category seem to have lost some perspective on the Federer GOAT debate. Their line of argumentation is to claim that statistics do not tell the whole story; that 16 GS titles is not a reliable stat to bestow upon somebody the title of GOAT.

Their comments assume that the Federer GOAT debate hinges solely on GS titles and other stats. I believe they have lost perspective or have simply not been there all along.

The Federer GOAT debate has never been about statistics; it has always been about manner of play. Well before the statistics came along, it was the way he played that had most commentators saying that he was the best they had ever seen.

Here are just a few of the remarks made about Federer's play over and over during the last six or seven years: sublime, religious experience, that shot does not exist, he has all the shots, he is beautiful to watch, I do not get tired of watching him play, I've never see that flick of the wrist shot, he does not have any weaknesses, only Roger Federer could pull off a shot like that, he makes it look easy, best I've ever seen, etc., etc., etc.

It has been some combination of aesthetics, technical perfection, and lethalness that has caused tennis fans and commentators the world over to admire his play and call him the best ever.

However, even if Federer's play was the best they had ever seen, most required of Federer that he back up the quality of play with the stats. In ot...
Article Source: Bleacher Report - Tennis

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